Shooting klonopin

IV klonopin. benzodiazepines

8.19.2018 | Ashley Baldwin

Harm reduction lecture so here's the DONT WASTE YOUR PILLS lecture-- you get 100% bioavailability by swallowing them. that is the ONLY way to get more than around 70%. you get WAY LESS if you shoot them because they are not water soluble. there are some trusted overseas sources (put plenty of.

yeah i mean its got 90% bio availability by subbing it so I don't think you'd even get much more of a rush.

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Is it safe to shoot klonopin? Antianxiety Drugs (Sedatives

9.20.2018 | Evan Carey
Shooting klonopin

Hi, I would like if someone could l me is it safe to shoot klonopin? You see, I have a friend who is using her mothers klonopin tablets this way and I worry about her health. She says she feels great when she uses this drug, but I dont believe this can.

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Loading. I tend to agree I guess, but Morphine, Roxi and Opana all break down easy and you just put the needle in a cotton ball and suck up the medicine, I havent tried it but I would think that would eliminate the binders and fillers. But yeah still not a good idea overall.

It is used to treat anxiety, panic disorder and seizures. It should also not be used if you have a liver, kidney or lung Infocenter articles. What is Klonopin? Klonopin, also known as Clonazepam, belongs to the Benzodiazepines group of medication. Klonopin is not recommended if you are allergic to benzodiazepines.

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Klonopin IV

10.21.2018 | Evan Carey
Shooting klonopin

It is only slightly soluble in alcohol But you can shoot Klonopin by dissolving the tab in 0,9mL water + 0,1mL alcohol, filtering with micron filter. BUT: -shooting Klonopin is compley useless: the effects will be exactly the same than the effects you get when you eat it; shooting it produces no rush, it will only.

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How to extract clonazepam from klonopin pills

7.18.2018 | Evan Carey
Shooting klonopin

Its not water soluble your gonna need some propylene glycol if you wanna shoot it. One time I got really barred out and for some reason thought itd be a good idea to shoot up some xanax bars crushed em up mixed em with water and propylene glycol, filtered and shot it. Blacked out for a few days after that.

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11.22.2018 | Ashley Baldwin
Shooting klonopin

Before you inject the clonazepam, I would suggest that you test to see whether it is soluble in water. Crush a high dose of clonazepam, and dissolve it in water, using as little water is necessary (I think 1.5 mL per tablet should be enough).