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Prednisone, Why Does It Make Me Feel Good?

8.14.2018 | Haley Carroll

What is it in prednisone that makes me feel this way. I know you can't stay on it so I need to find it's pharmaceutical cousin. I can't seem to find a med that works for me, I've tried several. Has anyone ever had that effect on prednisone?. I was recently put on prednisone for my sinuses, which i have three times now, and the stuff makes me feel great. No depression, focus, energy, clarity and motivation.

Does prednisone help anxiety
Prednisone, Why Does It Make Me Feel Good?

Best Wishes Jim Bow. There are no ADs that are also steroids! Have a chat with your Doctor anyway and see what he can recommend.

maybe it can be of any help? x. was looking for answers for a friend, found scientific info on the prednisone helping depression.

You are obviously having nice 'side effects'just now. These won't last as steroids have long term side effects on various organs in the body that means only people who need long term steroids have to take them.

As I said I am health conscious and I wouldn't want to continue this drug longer than prescribed if it is going to do that. I am sorry for people that have been affective negatively by this drug and I wish it didn't have those side affects.

I am just going to mention this. I have said it in another post of yours.

Nah my bad Trace, I generalized but I really meant this post for the two people asking about Prednisone substitutes.just know what it's like to be at the end of a medication that works, trying to figure out what to do when a doctor (or possibly insurance) won't allow continuation. Praying for you and wishing you the best with your disease though!. This topic, and how all of these different disease processes are analogous, is something I'm passionate about right now, so I answered.

I didn't notice any difference from taking it at the time and had forgotten about it until now. I was given a short supply of prednisone to help come off suboxone.

I always described it by saying I felt like I finally had blood flowing into my brain. I was put on a steroid in the same family as Prednisone (Dexamethasone, a corticosteroid) for fertility testing and experienced a month and a half of pure bliss, it was the best 6 weeks of my life. I knew that as soon as I had to start tapering down the steroid, I'd need an appointment with a psychiatrist. I felt quick, sharp, had tons of energy and had sooo much motivation and confidence. Having experienced actual happiness and clarity, I am sure that the life I had pre-steroid had some major mix of adult ADD and depression. I loved every single aspect of being alive. Everything was clear, focused and happy.

She diagnosed me with adult ADD and started me on Focalin (in the Ritalin family), then Vyvanse, Adderall and so on. And then the days came where they just wouldn't even kick in at all. When I first took most of these, I thought they were exactly what I was looking for, But a couple hours later the crash was horrible. I haven't felt much from it so far, except that my mood is a little better. (I've also tried SSRI's in the past and they made me feel spaced out.). My psychiatrist is baffled and can't figure out why I'm metabolizing everything so quickly; she sent me to an endocrinologist for thyroid & adrenal testing, but all my blood work came back normal. My psychiatrist told me that what I'd described in that "steroid state" was really similar to the effects of ADD stimulants - Ritalin, Adderall, etc. Right now I'm trying Strattera, it's also prescribed for ADD focus, but it takes a month to work.

I have to have my cortisol levels checked every 6 months, despite being off it for a long time, as after long term use it never really leaves your system properly. For the rest of my life, I have to l every medical professional that I have been a long term user of prednisone, as it affects other treatments they give you, including anesthetic.

As Trace said she has lupus and long tern use gave her permanent damage - in my case the auto immune disease is already doing damage so as I said before I would rather feel good as long and often as I can and when my body is ready to give out I have made my peace with that.

I say this especially because Prednisone is a steroid treatment prescribed mostly for hormone and immune problems, and it is known to CAUSE depression as well as manic highs and lows. Now, it is important to understand that auto-immune diseases are relatively rare, so this may be insignificant to you and your situations (don't just jump to conclusions), but it is something real to consider or perhaps bring up to a health practitioner.

It made me feel amazing!. I've been searching for the same answer for the past 6 months! I'm so glad you wrote this! Everything I read on the internet has people saying that steroids make them feel awful.

Please just weigh the risks very carefully of this medication but for some people the benefit is so much better than the risk.

Started by piscesdreamer68, September 21, 2012.

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Prednisone is a steroid and used in lots of different conditions and is certainly not for long term use because of the long term side effects and changes it can make to different organs.

I did find this medical article - http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ :1%3C44::AID-DA6%3E3.0.CO;2-C/abstract;jsessionid=0D2D21D0B63ECFE182A0BE3FAFE14D4F.f02t02?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false.

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Long term use of steroids is not good. Long term use has caused me permanent problems. I was on it for 3 years. I am a tiny person and I have an over active thyroid, so struggle to put on weight, no matter what I do, but steroids made me retain water and I went up a few dress sizes (I have lost it all after being taken off steroids). I have Lupus and before they came across a certain med that works for lupus, people with Lupus where treated with prednisone. I now have hypertension and have to take blood pressure meds for the rest of my life, it will never be reversed due to long term steroid use.

Being off of the steroid has been so hard on my spirit, and I've been searching for some kind of psychiatric medicine remedy similar to what I'd felt before. But it's actually a really complicated thing to find & I haven't had any success yet. I thought it would be as simple as ling the psych, "i was just on a steroid, and it made me mentally clear, so what's would be an equivalent prescription?".

Hi everyone I actually am here for the reason that this post was started. I know it has been a while and not sure if any of you will get a notification but I was wondering if piscesdreamer68 had fpound out an answer to her question and just how you are doing. I am in the hormone jungle but things are so off and my energy and anxiety is awful. Thanks everyone. I am having constant drainage which is cdausing coughing at night so I want to try it for this reason but am also looking forward to an increase in energy because my depression has been bad since my total hysterectomy last year. I have so many things that I need to get done asap. I have had 2 family members that have manic episodes with prednisone so I'm sure hoping it doesn't cause that.

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It's from Standard Process. It's meant to be a detox and weight-loss purification, but I don't do it for the weight reason. I think going gluten-free, caffeine-free, and eliminating most if not all processed sugar, most dairy, and eating A LOT of fruits and vegetables has been the answer for me. I'm an endurance athlete. It's my third time trying this, and this time I'm determined to keep the changes after the 21 day program is up. My chiropractor got me onto it a couple years ago. Others with immune disorders can testify to the gluten-free diet as well. Getting back to the prednisone--I'm just on it for a bad case of winer-time poison ivy. I just eat extra rice to keep weight on. It's not like I ate unhealthy before this, but this diet feels like a healthy diet on steroids. 2 weeks before starting prednisone, I began a cleansing program, and these good effects started soon after. I feel that the prednisone really enhanced the effects that were already taking place. Diet is hard to change, especially trying to avoid gluten, but could be worth a try.

I know this thread is kind of old, but I hope this can help someone else.

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So frustrating as the only time I feel balanced, normal and unfoggy is on prednisone. Absoluy the same here and also wonder if something that affected cortisol levels more directly (or more specific testing re thyroid, adrenals, diet, cortisone??) would help.

With out it I do not consider this much of a life and most days due to the pain and being so tired of being tired I would not mind if I don't wake up the next day. So for me Prednisone is a miracle medication but again you have to weigh the risk to the benefits. My doctors has warned me of the risks of steroids and I know it slowly tears up your body but I asked my doctor isn't that what the auto immune disease is doing and he could not disagree. For me I would rather have quality of life over quantity and eventually this disease will **** me it is attaching my lungs so I would rather spend whatever life I have less feeling less miserable even if that means I have a shorter life - shorter suffering so no problem. But when I am on Prednisone or any similar type of steroid I can get out of bed and have energy and it reduces the pain dramatically. I almost feel like a normal person again which I have not been for at least 3 years now. So many other symptoms like my mouth breaks out in sores all the time, my hair is thinning fast and basically my quality of life is horrible.

ALL of my teeth crumbled to nothing. I had two choices pull them out and get false teeth (the cheap option) or have them all rebuilt (extremely expensive). I am 37, there is no way I am going to have false teeth if I can help it, so I chose to have them rebuilt. It also affected my bones, especially my teeth. It took nearly 4 months of weekly visits to the dentist.

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In my case I can lay in bed and want to die from an immune system that is attacking and tearing up my body anyway so why not feel as good as i can as long as I can. I often have to take it for bronchitis/asthma that the lupus has caused to be able to breath. I also do not take it all the time maybe a week or so every couple of months. The point here is I would never take this medication for depression it does have serious long term effects and can also effect your mood in a bad way after taking it or while quitting it. I kind of look at it as the same as having cancer except the cancer is my own immune system. I would never take it just because it made me feel good while on it unless you are in a position of having a disease that has already taken your life from you.

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Now I am set up for an allergy test next week that will hopefully uncover something. If that doesn't solve the problem i would like to try for an auto-immune test or an in depth endocrine test. I am going to try to get on singulair which my doctor prescribed but it hasn't gone through insurance yet. I tried adderal, not as long as I probably should have, but I just don't like Stims and I am a health freak. Less anxiety, more focus, normal drive, better social interactions, better interest in class, better at initiating projects or convos, good workouts, confidence and more. Same here!!! I was just put on last week as my sinuses are always jacked up and I feel "normal". I felt like I was sick a lot this winter. I found it very strange. I have tried an ssri, which made me feel awful. After that I don't even know where I would look. I was sick for about 3 weeks prior to getting on this with sinus infections that gave me bad headaches, spread to my throat, chest and made me super tired. I tried other anti depressants, thyroid test, sleep apnea test, therapy, blood test. All of this has lead to extra compliments and great interactions that i have always wanted to be natural. Fingers crossed.

I feel like my body couldn't keep up with it self and repair/recover in a regular time. Strange I know. I always feel groggy and cloudy and prednisone is helping somehow. The other factor along with prednisone is that the weather just broke and has become extremely nice for a couple days. I would love to know more about this topic and how prednisone does this and what underlying cause it could indicate.

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Another woman who has lupus that I know, needed to have a hip replacement at the age of 30 due to the steroids she was prescribed for Lupus. Steroids also cause your bones to crumble.

Some things you might do though would be to present your concerns to your doctor (or maybe different doctor), and/or ask for a simple blood/saliva cortisol stress test to give you some sort of ballpark to assess if you need to see a different specialist. Furthermore, cortisol is highly effected by stress levels, coping skills, eating patterns, exercise, time of day etc so looking at some lifestyle changes (eg. receiving adequate sleep, eating regularly/healthy, regularly exercising, thinking of less stressful ways to cope with problems, eliminating stressful habits and people from your life, etc) would be highly beneficial ( but also for everyone). Anyway, wish you all the best and hope this was at least informative, if not also helpful! Keep going, keep your spirit up, and God bless!.

Hi and Welcome me3.

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I just wish you all the luck because for me the lupus/ MCTD has been one down hill ride but I still try to make the best of each day. take Effexor which can increase blood pressure. I just hope you never get to the point I am at. I was lucky to be in my late 40's before I got sick.

Therefore, the unique pathways/mechanisms of metabolism of these drugs and their relative products is what usually leads to the majority of their harmfulness.and might I add, these drugs are HIGHLY POTENT, VERY DANGEROUS, and potentially FATAL if not monitored by a professional. In regards to a "pharmaceutical cousin''.there are no effective substitutes (as far as I and most have found) except for other synthesized corticosteroids, which have to be prescribed. These are also some things to mull over. They are not something you just want to take, or even can take any time you want to for that matter.it's really a matter of cost benefits.I'm sure anyone you ask that has been on long term steroids will l you, there are so many side effects that go along with steroids that there's no way they would take them if it wasn't essential just to carry out a somewhat normal daily routine. It is also important to note that Prednisone and substituents are not exact biochemical copies of cortisol, the hormone they attempt to mimic.

They can cause you some serious damage and I am proof of that. There is a very good reason why medical professionals do not use steroids for long periods of time, unless absoluy needed. Trace.

The first year it started with extreme fatigue to the point where my whole body would feel like it was full of wet sand and even trying to lift an arm was hard. I became very sick 6 years ago and was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease - I have gone from a very active, outgoing and happy person to someone who can hardly get out of bed. The pain became constant and felt like it was down to my bones. I just turned 51 so I was diagnosed in my late 40's but with everything the disease has done to me of coarse I get depressed now who wouldn't living with severe chronic pain and being so weak and tired taking a shower is a major chore most days. I tested positive for ANA titer with a speckled patter so Lupus is also expected so I was put on Plaquinel which I have been on for 3 years. I began to sleep often and than the 2nd year the pain started and it was in my joints, muscles, mostly the whole arms and legs. Than last year I was diagnosed with COPD (chronic bronchitis and inflammation of the airways). I found this site and had to reply.

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Not saying you do have one of these, as I do not know your histories and I am not a doctor. However, it seems many doctors are willing to throw anti-depressants at people these days without considering that the presenting depression may be secondary to an underlying auto-immune or thyroid disease. Have any of you ever considered an auto-immune or thyroid disease? Depression, autoimmune, and/or thyroid diseases often walk hand in hand due to the synergies, which exist between the numerous neuroendocrine and immune system pathways.

I'm so frustrated that I can't just make my mind feel the way I want it to. I wish SO MUCH that steroids could be prescribed for mental health. I didn't know I could be happy. I'd love to hear anyone's input on this! This subject kind of consumes me lay, I feel like I'm putting my life on hold while I'm in this crazy, frustrating pursuit.

If you read my post above, I have Lupus, which is an autoimmune illness. I also mention the damage prednisone can do, thanks for your input :) Trace.

Feeling better is all that matters, and sometimes that doesn't require knowing exactly what's going on. Anyway, I'm starting to think the depression and other problems are all stemming from a hormone issue. I've suffered from depression and horrible fatigue on and off for years, and in the last few years have had numerous "drugged-feeling" episodes (sometimes once a week) where I can't get out of bed or function normally. I think I'm not properly converting to T3. At this point I'm done with the doctors and trying to find a diagnosis. Yet my doctor dismisses everything. Or maybe Hashimoto's. I've been tested for thyroid, and the numbers did come back low. She says the numbers are still within range, even though they aren't at all, and everyone's "normal" range is different for that matter.

I also. Trace if you have lupus did the doctors ever l you that Lupus can cause hypertension all on it's own? I started to have high blood pressure after I was diagnosed and before I started steroid treatment.

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I believe something else is helping me just as much though. Not "dieting", but daily routine healthy diet. DIET. I'm on prednisone right now and experiencing the same thing. I feel back to my normal--clear-headed and motivated, not stressing over little things and enjoying life. It doesn't work as fast as the prednisone, but it's free of bad side effects.

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The real answer is out there though, don't stop searching. Many of us with mental illness don't really know what that feels like, especially if we've battled the disease most of our lives. I know it makes you feel great at first (I too was on a very short course for sinus), so do plenty of illegal drugs that people abuse. Her health went steadily downhill when she started taking it. Prednisone killed my mother. She chose to keep her sight -- for the few years she lived. The goal isn't to feel "great" all the time, it's to feel normal. She had a choice to make: go blind or continue to take it.

Does prednisone help anxiety