Clonazolam come up

First time with benzos 0.5mg Clonazolam

6.10.2018 | Caleb Jeff

(T 0:00) - Popped one 0.5mg clonazolam pill with a few sips of water. (T 0:10) - Have a peculiar feeling in my head. Pretty pleasant and relaxing. Placebo? Not sure. (T 0:25) - Effects are still only a little noticeable. Pretty sure I'm still coming up. Feel like I'll start really feeling it soon. (T 0:40) - Feel very.

Fun. I'm trying to type my best here, I dont know why im submitting this in the middle of my trip, but here goes. I have absoluy no benzo tolerance, none, and I took 0.5mg of clonazolam (chimney burning chemsite winkwinkwink) with no tolerance at about 4:20pm. It's now 7pm, and I feel drunk and silly and pretty loose in general. This stuff is potent, and feels very recreational. This is stronger than 4 shots of bourbon whiskey for me, which was unexpected. ( This all happened last afternoon ) Hello everyone.

Clonazolam (Clonitrazolam)

3.7.2018 | Ashley Baldwin
Clonazolam come up

So would it be correct to assume that,since it is a triazalo class benzo ala alprazolam,that it would pack a harder punch and have a faster come up than clonazapam?As an above poster mentioned,I find clonazapam useless for panic disorder since it takes about 2 hours to even start to do anything and it's.

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It’s sold in 0.5mg pellets so it seems to be rather potent as well. On a swiss forum someone mentioned a half-life of 14-18 hours.

View post on imgur.com 6-(2-chlorophenyl)-1-methyl-8-nitro-4H-s-triazolo- (4,3-a)-(1,4)-benzodiazepine.

Clonazolam, also called Clonitrazolam, is available on the RC market now.

Ok let's talk about Flubromazolam - page 1 - GABAergics

9.13.2018 | Brianna Brooks
Clonazolam come up

Clonazolam is up there but this beats even that. Especially in Personally, I have very little experience/knowledge when it comes to this sorta thing, But god damn do i find your posts interesting/entertaining as shit. No one ever Tiny correction: Clonazolam is another one that doses in the 0.25mg range.

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Clonazolam Rollitup

12.16.2018 | Caleb Jeff
Clonazolam come up

Anyone had the pleasure of enjoying said substance?.

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Clonazolam .5mg - Experienced

5.9.2018 | Brianna Brooks
Clonazolam come up

I just ordered some got it friday and i love it my new fav benzo I use .5 up to 3mg and wow im blown away on how amazing this stuff makes you feel! worried about w/d's though with college coming up so I guess i will be ordering more and more noopept to even it out. ( i have a huge tolerance to benzos so.