Clonazepam 4mg

Is 4mg of klonopin considered a low or high dose?

10.14.2018 | Ashley Baldwin

The max recommended dose of klonopin given for panic/anxiety is supposed to be 4mg daily, which IMO, is a fairly high dose:. https://www.drugs.com/dosage/clonazepam.html. When you start getting into doses over 4mg, I personally think that's very high..The more you take, the more difficult it's going.

Klonopin is also sometimes given as an anti-seizure med...The max dose for someone with seizures is 20mg.

Panic - 1 mg/day; start at 0.25 mg divided into 2 doses, raise to 1 mg after 3 days; dose either twice daily or once at bedtime; maximum dose generally 4 mg/day.

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I'd say you're probably at the highest clinical dose for anxiety/panic, but I'm sure there are extenuating circumstances with some patients that the doctor may deem fit to allow them to go to above that does.

So I think high and low doses are a YMMV-thing.

I take 2mgs twice/day, sometimes an extra if I have an anxiety attack or feel one coming on.

If I were to take 4mg of clonazepam at once what would it do

8.12.2018 | Ashley Baldwin
Clonazepam 4mg

1 Answer - Posted in: anxiety, clonazepam, anxiety and stress - Answer: loaded question depends on why you would need to need more info please if.

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Is 4mg of klonopin too much? DailyStrength

11.15.2018 | Caleb Jeff
Clonazepam 4mg

So I'm scripted 2mg at night and 2mg whenever I see the need. Lay I have been taking the other 2mg to wind myself down for a total of 4mg a night. It seems like.

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(benzos) Is 4 mg Klonopin at once considered a high amount

3.7.2018 | Haley Carroll
Clonazepam 4mg

Most starting dosages of klonopin is .5mg. I take anywhere from .5mg to 4mg a day depending on my anxiety levels. However, I've had this RX for 4 years now, so even 6mg doesn't make me stupid. If it's your first time trying them, stick with a low dose of .5mg to gauge how they will make you feel. Good luck!.

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12.16.2018 | Brianna Brooks
Clonazepam 4mg

^^ clonazepam lasts a long time. It's a lousy sleep aid because it comes on slow, and you will likely wake up feeling very groggy from the effects. Aside from treating people suffering from seizures, clonazepam is a heavy duty, high power benzo which is an anti anxiety for bad cases who need relief all day long.